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Goonies never say die!

I’m one of those annoying people who need to have a project. Whether it’s something at work or home I am happiest when I have a ticking time bomb of a deadline hanging over my head threatening my… Read More

The hills are alive with the sound of…

There aren’t many songs about vomit. I guess there isn’t much of an audience for such things. But I, despite possessing not a single cell or molecule of musical ability, am one of those people who abide by… Read More

The Inferno

If you haven’t picked up the subtle hints yet, I have had an aggressively vomity pregnancy so far. I actually have a fancy title for it: Hyperemesis Gravadium (HG). Which is just a super fancy way of saying… Read More

The Vomit Whisperer

Having HG has revealed a new hereto unknown talent in my husband. He is…the Vomit Whisperer He has quickly developed a 6th sense to gauge and measure my likelihood to vomit in the near future. This is an… Read More