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Top 5 things I’ve missed while being pregnant (in no particular order)

1. Advil I could write a dozen radio worthy country songs lamenting the loss of my dear friend Mr. Ibuprofen. I normally rely on these medical delights for controlling the pain and swelling in my gimpy knees, but… Read More

The hills are alive with the sound of…

There aren’t many songs about vomit. I guess there isn’t much of an audience for such things. But I, despite possessing not a single cell or molecule of musical ability, am one of those people who abide by… Read More

The Inferno

If you haven’t picked up the subtle hints yet, I have had an aggressively vomity pregnancy so far. I actually have a fancy title for it: Hyperemesis Gravadium (HG). Which is just a super fancy way of saying… Read More

The Vomit Whisperer

Having HG has revealed a new hereto unknown talent in my husband. He is…the Vomit Whisperer He has quickly developed a 6th sense to gauge and measure my likelihood to vomit in the near future. This is an… Read More