Category: Parenting

BenFeed 13 months

Amazing photo courtesy of Laura Karoline Photography.

BenFeed 1 year

The 1 year installment of BenFeed, in two parts.  Part two.

BenFeed 1 year

The one year installment of BenFeed.  In two parts.  This is part 1

BenFeed 11 months

Ben is 11 months!

BenFeed 10 months

BenFeed 9 months

My Day on a Plate

12:03 am: Up for my midnight snack of free range momma milks. Not organic, unfortunately because the woman states she cannot afford otherwise. I bet that would change in an instant if they came out with organic Reese’s…. Read More

BenFeed 8 months

Ben is 8 months!

BenFeed 7 months

Ben is 7 months!


A special holiday edition of BenFeed