BenFeed 13 months

Amazing photo courtesy of Laura Karoline Photography.

BenFeed 1 year

The 1 year installment of BenFeed, in two parts.  Part two.

BenFeed 1 year

The one year installment of BenFeed.  In two parts.  This is part 1

BenFeed 11 months

Ben is 11 months!

BenFeed 10 months

BenFeed 9 months

My Day on a Plate

12:03 am: Up for my midnight snack of free range momma milks. Not organic, unfortunately because the woman states she cannot afford otherwise. I bet that would change in an instant if they came out with organic Reese’s. IYKWIM

1:47 am: Need a little energy boost to go back to sleep, more momma milks

3:12 am: Was a little parched, momma milks

4:23-6:39 am: Stay with mouth at momma milks tap just in case I decide I need more.

7:00 am: Breakfast, finally! Presented with plate of eggs, fruit, yogurt. Equally distribute food all over myself, furniture, floor. Eat none. When no one is looking steal food from other people’s plates.

7:37 am: Momma milks to wash down breakfast I theoretically ate.

8:35 am: About to leave house. Decide I’m ready to eat previous breakfast. Time to dumpster dive.

9:15 am: Momma milks to recharge me for playgroup.

10:56 am: Crumbs of petrified food found in car seat.

11:12 am: Elevensies momma milks

12:15 pm: Lunch. The woman orders me steamed broccoli and grilled chicken that we discreetly, mutually agree I will pretend to eat knowing 75% of the food I consume will be french fries.

1:30 pm: More momma milks, just cause.

1:45 pm: Baby food pouch, organic. Probably to buy off the guilt of the Frito laced momma milks I just consumed.

3:59 pm: Treat myself to more momma milks, because I deserve it.

5:16 pm: I like to carb load before dinner so cause utter destruction to all food in pantry until I locate Cheerios.

6:31 pm: Dinner, just decided to become a pescatarian 5 minutes ago so refuse all dinner and eat only goldfish crackers.

7:07 pm: Dessert, three tenths of a granola bar and two raisins I locate at the bottom of the diaper bag.

7:30 pm: 13oz of bath water and momma milks that may or may not hold me over until midnight.

BenFeed 8 months

Ben is 8 months!

BenFeed 7 months

Ben is 7 months!


A special holiday edition of BenFeed